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“Bora Balar Photography” is specialized in the following aspects of videography, photography and audiography:


Video Solutions:

Advertising films, events/organizations, documentaries, concert, dance and stage performances

Photography Solutions: 

Special events or action-filled works, stage performances, catalogue shootings/on-site and in the studio, fashion photos, executive portraits, still-life, sports - motor sports

Vocalizing Solutions: 

TV/Radio Commercials, advertorials and advertising films, TV Programme, news and documentary.


Rental Photo Studio:


And also we are renting our studio to professional or amateur photographers for use in portraits, products, fashion and other footage with different numbers and brands of monobloc studio sets (especially at Bowens).

We have some different renting options for equipments or crew...

Green box background for video projects, six-channel Tascam field mixer, 12-channel Mackie audio mixer, Final Cut Pro video editing set, Sennheiser radio / cable / boom microphones, tele-prompter, Panasonic HD cameras and similar production equipments can also be included in the rental service.


We also have a rental team and HD camera, microphone, led light sets, monoblocs and battery packs, backgrounds for indoor and outdoor shootings...


In addition, the photo printer can be supplied to the scanner, and your different needs can be covered with additional packages. Please do not hesitate to contact us for daily or weekly options.


References - Productions:

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